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What exactly is home care?

A home care company is defined  as an organized program of home health, pharmaceutical or personal care services in the residence of a client or individual to maintain the client’s health and safety in his or her home. myPotential at Home is a fully licensed home care company in both Virginia and Montgomery County, Md.

There are a wide variety of services that a home care organization can provide—the most common include assistance with bathing, dressing, household tasks, and medication reminders. myPotential at Home goes beyond daily living support by offering wellness services, too. Learn more about what makes us different. The goal of these home care services is to assist a senior in maintaining independence in his or her own home.

Are home care services different from “home health” services?

Yes. A home health agency provides skilled nursing services and at least one other therapeutic service, such as physical, speech or occupational therapy; medical social services; or home health aide services. Home health services are Medicare-eligible because they can only be prescribed by a physician after a face-to-face physical exam of the patient, and the prescribed in-home services require the skill and knowledge of a professional nurse or therapist to provide them.

myPotential at Home is currently licensed to provide home health services in the Virginia service area only.

How can I be sure I’m getting quality care? Are home care companies like myPotential at Home regulated by the government?

All home care agencies are licensed and subject to inspections and onsite surveys. As a home care agency based in myPotential at Home must follow state guidelines and regulations for both Virginia and Maryland to ensure you or your loved one receive safe, quality care. For example, a licensed registered nurse must periodically review your plan of care to make sure you are receiving precisely the care you need. 

How can I trust an in-home caregiver in my home?

myPotential at Home caregivers and nurses go through an intensive interview process that includes screening for compassion, integrity, and competence. All applicants also complete a comprehensive background check and referral process. Once hired by myPotential at Home, each in-home staff member must complete an extensive orientation process to ensure the quality of care and level of client service they provide is worthy of the 125-year reputation of our parent company, National Lutheran Communities & Services. Furthermore, to maintain our high standards of care and professionalism, each myPotential at Home caregiver is observed in each client home a minimum of once every 90 days. We also provide ongoing senior health education to all employees who provide in-home care and support to our clients. Relevant topics include proper dementia care, end-of-life care, as well as professionalism, and confidentiality. 

Will we have any say in which in-home caregiver provides care to me or my loved one?

On our first visit to your home, our nurse will inquire about likes, dislikes, hobbies, personality style, and type of support you are requesting. The nurse then works closely with our Director of Clinical Services to match those preferences with our qualified in-home caregivers and their schedules. We do our best to provide consistency with the same myPotential at Home caregiver at each home care visit in your home. We believe our clients reach and preserve their maximum potential when they establish a trusting relationship with those providing their care.

What are in-home wellness services?

Informed aging and deliberate wellness for seniors are important goals of myPotential at Home. We believe aging well is achieved by taking a proactive approach to health and wellness. One of the ways we meet these important goals is by offering in-home wellness services—support and health care services that assist seniors in staying well. These services begin with a nurse coming to a client’s home and completing a thorough assessment of the person’s physical, social, environmental and psychological health. The nurse might identify, for example, that the client is having difficulty maintaining adequate nutrition, has a family history of memory impairment, or is at high risk for falling due to the home environment. Once these areas of need are identified, our clinicians discuss their findings with the client and his or her family. Together, they develop a comprehensive plan that effectively addresses these needs for prevention and education. Wellness services can include, but are not limited to, consultation with the client’s physicians, education, assisting the client with simple home safety modifications, and directing the client and family to helpful community resources. Maintaining optimum health and quality of life is most important, and myPotential at Home provides each client with the knowledge and support to do so. 

Will insurance or Medicare cover home care?

Most of the in-home assistance needed to help a senior maintain independence is not covered by conventional medical insurance or Medicare because it does not need to be ordered by a physician, so insurance companies and government policies do not help with the cost. For this reason, home care is often called private duty nursing, which is sometimes covered by long-term care insurance.

However, under certain circumstances, the Medicaid Waiver Program will provide financial reimbursement for home care services. To discuss your insurance or financial questions, we invite you to call us at 540-931-0160 or click here to contact us online.

How do I know if my loved one needs home care?

As our family members age, we often see subtle changes in their behavior and ability. Perhaps mom or dad is having more difficulty getting up and down from a chair. Or you begin to notice he or she is bathing or changing clothes less frequently. These changes might be gradual or sudden. Either way, home care services can assist your loved one in these areas. With just a few hours of home care support each week, many of our clients are able continue living a safe and productive life in their own home. In fact, most clients report an increase in both physical and emotional health when home care services are in place. 

If you don’t see your home care or home health care question here, please don’t hesitate to contact us for an answer! Just call us at 540-450-0343 for services in Virginia, 301-354-4567 for services in Maryland, or Contact Us now!