The Culture of myPotential at Home

Our culture is one of transparency, empowerment and teamwork. It is a friendly atmosphere where providing excellent customer service is a way of life. We offer continuous learning to provide team members opportunities to grow and develop.

We operate with one philosophy in mind at all times: We CAREā€”The National Lutheran Way! This simple acronym provides the foundation for how we do business, interact with one another and our customers, and even how we communicate on a daily basis.

We CARE stands for:

Create smiles
Attend to details
Respect everyone
Embody excellence

Personality of a CARE team member

We believe service is our highest calling and look for people from all backgrounds and experiences who have a heart to serve seniors and fellow team members.

Successful team members are compassionate, enthusiastic, positive and treat everyone with dignity and respect. Accountability is a key component of embodying excellence. Did we mention smiling? It is free and does wonders when interacting with others.