Next Steps

The Application Process

National Lutheran Communities & Services takes great pride in creating a culture of harmony. This begins with finding and hiring the best candidates. The interview process entails screening resumes, phone interviews, and in-person interviews with the hiring manager, as well as team members from our Talent & Culture team. We invest time to find the right candidates that share our vision and align with our culture and We CARE philosophy.

Employment Application
Upon finding a position you want to apply for, you will be asked to register for an online account, fill out basic information and complete an employment application. You will have the opportunity to upload your resume during this initial step.

Following the employment application, you will be requested to complete two surveys (Hartman & JIST) that help us better understand your personality and work ethic beyond your outlined experience and credentials. The estimated time to complete the application and surveys takes about 45 minutes.

Phone Interview
You will receive an email confirmation. The hiring manager then reviews applications and conducts phone interviews with potential candidates. Through that initial conversation, the hiring manager identifies the best-qualified candidates to move forward and schedules an in-person interview.

In-Person Interview 
Our team makes every effort to ensure the in-person interview process is a positive experience in a professional, yet casual atmosphere. A panel of two to five team members participate in a structured interview setting and ask behavioral, technical and customer service related questions. The in-person interview averages 45-60 minutes. Depending on the position, a second or third interview with different team members may take place before a final decision is reached.

The selected candidate will receive a phone call with an offer of employment, contingent upon a background and reference check—congratulations! Upon acceptance, the Talent & Culture team will guide you through the onboarding process.

Not selected? Don’t give up! We are constantly growing and update job opportunities frequently.